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Join us for webinars and podcasts that are the farthest thing from thinly-veiled sales pitches.  SNL Knowledge Center's industry webinars bring top experts together in roundtable discussion developed around key issues that directly impact you.

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    Developing a Conservative Approach to Investing in SBICs
    This webinar will focus on what an SBIC is, the latest developments from a regulatory perspective, and how to develop a proactive approach to portfolio construction to reduce risk and help make a portfolio of SBICs a profitable line of business for the bank.
    Recorded  July 20, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    CECL: What you need to know
    Let our experts help provide you with insight into the changes required by the final standard as well as a vision on what you need to do to successfully adopt the standard.
    Recorded  July 19, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    Economic Update: Insights into your bank's portfolio and the Interest Rate Risk Process
    In this 90 minute webinar Country Club Bank Capital Markets Group will provide their thoughts and insights regarding interest rates and economic conditions for the year. The first segment, will review the global economy and dueling bond yields, as well as currency implications.
    Recorded  June 23, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    Make Room for Real Estate - Preparing for the New GICS Sector
    Register to watch this complimentary live video webcast to get a sense of how you can capitalize on new investment opportunities stemming from the sector addition.
    Recorded  June 22, 2016  | 60 Minutes
    Real Estate’s New Berth in GICS and What it Means for REITs
    In this webinar, industry experts discuss the significance of the event in the context of the broader growth and maturation of the REIT industry, its implications for the way REITs have traditionally courted and communicated with investors, and its implications for the future of real estate.
    Recorded  June 1, 2016  | 75 Minutes
    Make Room for Real Estate- the 11th GICS Sector
    In this webinar, we will look at the impact the upcoming change will have on the industry. 
    Recorded  April 21, 2016  | 75 Minutes
    Interest Rates in Focus: A look at U.S. rates and investment portfolio implications for community banks
    On March 17th, PIMCO’s financial institutions team of experts will spend time discussing the outlook for the U.S. economy and interest rates, the current market for investment opportunities for community bank portfolios, and the considerations for leveraging the bank investment portfolio to manage broader balance sheet risk.
    Recorded  March 17, 2016  | 60 Minutes
    Community Banks Prepare to Meet Stress-testing Requirements
    This webinar will address the community bank stress-testing requirements and examples of how the guidance can be met, all the while creating a foundation to meet DFAST when required.
    Recorded  March 9, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    Bank M&A in 2016: Where Are We Headed?
    Bank M&A activity in 2015 was consistent with 2014 and when compared as a percentage of outstanding charters, the activity was at historic levels percentage-wise. With this level of activity and with stock market uncertainty in early part of 2016, this session will discuss the key factors that drove M&A activity and will impact 2016 M&A activity.
    Recorded  February 16, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    How To Win The 2016 Commercial Loan Market Race? Exploit Volume, Pricing and Total Relationship Opportunities
    Drawing on its proprietary database, S&P Capital IQ + SNL will offer unique insights into commercial loan pricing dynamics in the small business and lower-middle-market segments of the loan market.
    Recorded  January 28, 2016  | 60 Minutes
    Gender Diversity in the Insurance Industry
    While there are differences across segments of the insurance industry, and some signs of progress, there is still a large gap between men and women in C-Suite, board, and officer positions within the insurance industry.
    Recorded  January 27, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    Clean Power Planning: Steps Utilities Should Be Taking Now To Engage State Leaders Around CPP Implementation
    CRA will discuss potential outcomes for utilities with different ownership, resource, and geographical profiles based on its extensive modeling of the final rule.
    Recorded  January 13, 2016  | 90 Minutes
    Credit Conversations: Best Practices in Counterparty Credit Risk Management
    S&P Capital IQ will be co-hosting a webinar with the International Energy Credit Association (IECA) entitled Credit Conversations. In addition to a discussion on how to understand and monitor risk in energy, our panelists will cover the current state of credit risk in the energy sector with a significant focus on 2016.
    Recorded  January 12, 2016  | 60 Minutes
    Insurance CyberRisk: Get Ready or Get Run Over
    Cyber risk is on everyone’s mind and on the docket of board rooms across the country.  Most insurance professionals recognize that cyber security represents both a source of loss to the insurance industry, but at the same time a tremendous growth opportunity for (re)insurers. 
    Recorded  December 14, 2015  | 90 Minutes
    Nontraded REITs: New regulation and uncertain future
    Nontraded REITs have been subject to a number of shareholder lawsuits and increased regulatory scrutiny in the last few years. Some view the industry's trouble as a case of "a few bad apples," while others see it as a more thoroughly flawed business model.
    Recorded  December 8, 2015  | 75 Minutes