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Join us for webinars and podcasts that are the farthest thing from thinly-veiled sales pitches.  SNL Knowledge Center's industry webinars bring top experts together in roundtable discussion developed around key issues that directly impact you.

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    December 11, 2014   2:00 PM - 3:30 PM  ET
    The final version of the FASB’s Proposed Accounting Standards Update is expected to be issued during the first half of 2015. Join our panel of industry experts as they help you prepare for the upcoming guidance by clarifying the approaches used to estimate the expected credit loss.
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  • Most Popular

    Implementing a Risk-Based AML Model Risk Management Program
    Join Crowe Horwath LLP subject matter experts for a discussion on the steps necessary to implement a risk-based AML model risk management program.
    Recorded  November 13, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    Utility Credit and Collections Influencing Earnings: Silence is Golden
    This webinar will provide an overview of utility credit and collections performance and highlight the drivers and challenges of successful collections strategies. Leaders from two utilities will share some of the strategies and best practices that have allowed them to significantly improve collections performance.
    Recorded  November 5, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    Riding the Bank M&A Wave: Best Practices and Key Considerations to Survive and Thrive
    Bank merger and acquisition activity has accelerated in 2014 and the market for de novo banks remains dormant. The current environment may present an ideal time to execute acquisitions or merger-of-equal transactions for certain institutions, as industry valuations have recovered to historical levels. Join our panel of industry experts as they examine the key topics.
    Recorded  October 29, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    The Regulatory Environment - What Banks Should Know When Purchasing BOLI
    Join us for an informative discussion as our expert panel helps unravel the complexities associated with administering Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) holdings and understand the strategic risks and opportunities available when evaluating and purchasing additional BOLI.
    Recorded  October 28, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    Reinsurance: On a Collision Course with the Future
    Our panel will discuss the myriad changes affecting both property and casualty reinsurance.  Recent developments, current trends, and possible future scenarios will be explored from the perspective of a reinsurance broker, a reinsurance executive, and an investing professional.
    Recorded  October 8, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    Trends and Highlights in the Insurance Brokerage Arena
    Please join us for an informative webinar discussing major themes and highlights in the current brokerage arena and looking to the future.
    Recorded  October 7, 2014  | 60 Minutes
    Leverage Ratios: Weighing up their Future
    The leverage ratio has become a key measure and regulatory tool for bank supervisors during recent years. The impact on banks, their capital and their business models has been significant and is still being played out. Join us for a timely discussion.
    Recorded  October 1, 2014  | 60 Minutes
    Compensation in Bank M&A
    [EVENT TO BE RE-SCHEDULED] In spite of continuing M&A activity, the competition for talent is actually heating up, due to a shrinking talent pool. This session will help banks understand how to better prepare for growth (whether organic or through acquisition), or prepare to be acquired by another organization.
    Recorded  September 25, 2014  | 75 Minutes
    An Introduction to Business Development Companies
    This webinar will explore the features that have contributed to the growth in business development companies (BDCs), underlying asset classes to which BDCs offer investors exposure, and highlight the key performance metrics for evaluating BDCs.
    Recorded  September 23, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    The Current Landscape of U.S. Retail Branches
    In this webinar, industry experts discuss the challenges and possible solutions to maintaining a branch network.
    Recorded  September 17, 2014  | 75 Minutes
    SNL's 3rd Quarter Energy Reporters' Roundtable: MLPs, Coal and FERC
    Join members of the SNL Energy News team for a comprehensive overview of the current state of affairs on a variety of critical and timely issues.
    Recorded  September 11, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    Insurance M&A Trends and Outlook
    Our industry experts will provide insights into the current economy, regulatory headwinds and other factors that are affecting M&A.
    Recorded  September 11, 2014  | 60 Minutes
    SNL Insurance - Monday Morning Headlines, featured on WRIN.tv: September 8, 2014
    Monday Morning Headlines, compiled by SNL Financial and produced by WRIN.tv, is a weekly video digest designed to give risk and insurance professionals a brief summary of the news making headlines in the U.S. Insurance industry.
    Recorded  September 8, 2014  | 2 Minutes
    Non-Traded REITs: Positioning for an Exit
    In this webinar, industry experts with varying perspectives take an in depth look at liquidation strategies for non-traded real estate investment trusts.
    Recorded  August 12, 2014  | 60 Minutes
    Coal-Fired Generation - Finding a Path in the Current Regulatory Climate
    It's no secret that coal has been under fire for some time. In this webinar we will explore the issues surrounding this beleaguered fuel source and discuss how the future of coal-fired generation may unfold.
    Recorded  August 6, 2014  | 90 Minutes