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    Building a T&D Investment Program to Satisfy Customers, Utility Regulators and Shareholders
    While there is a strong push to replace and modernize aging transmission and distribution assets to meet the needs of customers, there is also an imperative to keep in mind the expectations and requirements of shareholders and regulators. We'll discuss various state-level policies, laws and regulations to promote T&D investment and create a well formed and progressive operating model.
    Recorded  March 27, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    New CFPB Rules Are In Place - What’s Next?
    This live webcast will provide compliance and mortgage life-cycle operations personnel insight into what’s expected, the challenges they may encounter and effective solutions.
    Recorded  March 26, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    The Rate Environment and Your Bank
    Join SNL and industry experts from PIMCO and StoneCastle Partners as we examine the current economic and rate environment and what this means for bank fundamental performance, with an emphasis on community banks.
    Recorded  March 13, 2014  | 60 Minutes
    Asbestos Liabilities: Are Insurers Prepared for a Third Wave?
    Our panelists will explore recent developments affecting asbestos liabilities. They will touch on recent developments in the field of medical research, societal, and legal trends. Experts will also describe the actuarial models of past and present, commenting on their strengths as well as the areas where updates may be warranted.
    Recorded  February 20, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    NAIC Update 2013 Annual Statement Changes
    It seems that each year the NAIC revisions to their filings are more numerous and impactful. This year is no exception. Join us in our review of the significant NAIC revisions to the 2013 Annual Statement filings for LAH, P&C and Health filers.
    Recorded  February 6, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    Pension Underfunding in Utilities - What's the Big Deal?
    Join us as we examine the current state of utility pension plans from multiple perspectives. We'll look at the point of view of credit rating agencies, the effects on regulatory proceedings and strategies, as well as some strategies companies can use to manage risk in underfunded pension liabilities.
    Recorded  February 6, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    The Volcker Rule: What It Means for Your Bank
    With the approval of the Volcker Rule, there is growing concern about the impact on community banks and their investors. Join us as we discuss the implications that are most pressing to you and your stakeholders.
    Recorded  January 9, 2014  | 90 Minutes
    The Affordable Care Act: Development of Private and Public Insurance Exchanges and the Challenges Facing Both
    Join us for a roundtable discussion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The panelists will help provide some perspective and clarity regarding the private and public insurance exchanges that have been created, their current status and thoughts on the future of health care.
    Recorded  December 16, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    The Cloud and the Changing Face of Pay-TV Guides
    The webinar will discuss trends in cloud-based user interfaces and the technology and costs of deploying the platform.
    Recorded  November 21, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    Household Views to Drive Bank Revenue
    This webinar will show you how householding tools can give your marketing and sales teams a complete picture of your clients and their household relationships. You will gain a full understanding of the concepts of householding and super-householding as well as how to interpret the results from householding. Guenther Hartfeil, former EVP and Director of Client Insight & Innovation at BB&T, leads the webinar.
    Recorded  November 18, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    Renewables Update - Looking Ahead
    Renewable generation – It's been around long enough not to be so new anymore. Join our roundtable of experts for a look at where renewables are headed as we move forward.
    Recorded  November 7, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    The Affordable Care Act to P&C Insurers: Friend or Foe?
    Rollout of the Affordable Care Act (or, “ACA”) seems to be affecting virtually every facet of our economy; the property/casualty insurance sector is not an exception. Our panelists will explore several dimensions of the multi-faceted impact of the ACA on the P&C insurance industry.
    Recorded  October 31, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    Risk-Based Capital Planning – Optimizing T&D Asset Expenditures
    Join us for an informative discussion that addresses the challenges and opportunities for optimizing capital expenditures.
    Recorded  October 29, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    Transmission Development - Key Issues to Watch
    It's no surprise that transmission development is a complex business. Given the many stakeholders - who frequently are at odds - there is a clear need to focus in on critical issues. Join us as we draw out some of the key topics.
    Recorded  October 17, 2013  | 90 Minutes
    Trends and Highlights in the Insurance Brokerage Arena
    Please join us for an informative webinar discussing major themes and highlights in the current brokerage arena and looking ahead to the future.
    Recorded  October 15, 2013  | 60 Minutes
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