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Join us for webinars and podcasts that are the farthest thing from thinly-veiled sales pitches.  SNL Knowledge Center's industry webinars bring top experts together in roundtable discussion developed around key issues that directly impact you.

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    September 23, 2014   1:00 PM - 2:30 PM  ET
    This webinar will explore the features that have contributed to the growth in business development companies (BDCs), underlying asset classes to which BDCs offer investors exposure, and highlight the key performance metrics for evaluating BDCs.
    September 25, 2014   2:00 PM - 3:15 PM  ET
    [EVENT TO BE RE-SCHEDULED] In spite of continuing M&A activity, the competition for talent is actually heating up, due to a shrinking talent pool. This session will help banks understand how to better prepare for growth (whether organic or through acquisition), or prepare to be acquired by another organization.
    October 1, 2014   9:00 AM - 10:00 AM  ET
    The leverage ratio has become a key measure and regulatory tool for bank supervisors during recent years. The impact on banks, their capital and their business models has been significant and is still being played out. Join us for a timely discussion.
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