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Join us for webinars and podcasts that are the farthest thing from thinly-veiled sales pitches.  SNL Knowledge Center's industry webinars bring top experts together in roundtable discussion developed around key issues that directly impact you.

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    December 8, 2015   12:00 PM - 1:15 PM  ET
    Nontraded REITs have been subject to a number of shareholder lawsuits and increased regulatory scrutiny in the last few years. Some view the industry's trouble as a case of "a few bad apples," while others see it as a more thoroughly flawed business model.
    December 14, 2015   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM  ET
    Cyber risk is on everyone’s mind and on the docket of board rooms across the country.  Most insurance professionals recognize that cyber security represents both a source of loss to the insurance industry, but at the same time a tremendous growth opportunity for (re)insurers. 
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  • Most Popular

    New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation
    Our panelists will explore recent developments affecting asbestos liabilities drawing from a paper released in the summer of 2015 entitled: New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation.  
    Recorded  November 19, 2015  | 90 Minutes
    Get CECL-Ready: Operationalizing Risk and Finance Data Integration
    In this webinar, industry experts discuss the current state of CECL, expected implementation challenges, potential implementation strategies, how the modeling approaches under CECL differ from ones currently used in financial institutions, and the need for a partnership between credit and finance.
    Recorded  November 16, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    Be Prepared! Achieve a Successful Safety and Soundness Examination
    Are you prepared? In this session you’ll get an up-to-the-minute review of the state of regulatory exams and how to minimize your risk.
    Recorded  October 29, 2015  | 90 Minutes
    Surviving and Profiting From the New Natural Gas Supply Paradigm, an SNL Energy Webinar
    Natural gas markets are undergoing serious dislocations this year as continued strong supply confronts lukewarm demand prospects. Shale gas has provided significant supplies at competitive prices, but how long can this last as market continue to be oversupplied?
    Recorded  October 20, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    Cybersecurity Risk Management: How You can Respond Now
    In this webinar, cybersecurity experts from Crowe Horwath LLP will provide an update on cybersecurity risks and present trends to watch for in 2015 and 2016. The session also will provide an overview of how to respond to cybersecurity risks, including a practical approach to identifying and prioritizing a proper response.
    Recorded  October 20, 2015  | 90 Minutes
    Insurance M&A Trends and Outlook
    In this one hour round-table format webinar several top M&A specialists will discuss the current and future states of the M&A climate.
    Recorded  September 10, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    2015 Insurance Projections - Ask the Authors
    SNL Insurance recently released its property and casualty insurance industry outlook for 2015 through 2019, drawing on 10 years of historical industry aggregates and on rates data. The projections expand upon the already reputable research offering of SNL, which strives to be the premier provider of information about the insurance industry.
    Recorded  August 12, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    2015 – A year of turning points for energy markets: An SNL Energy webinar
     In this webinar, SNL Energy will highlight energy market expectations from last year compared to our most recent forecast to illustrate how these markets have changed, and its implications for generation valuation.  
    Recorded  August 6, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    5 Threats to a Bank's Survival
    This presentation will describe the top five threats to financial institutions, the implications of failure to respond, and some approaches for preparing successfully. Topics covered will include recent trends and threats from changing economic conditions, customer preferences, technology, competition, generational dynamics, and regulatory initiatives.
    Recorded  August 6, 2015  | 90 Minutes
    An Overview of the Mining on Top: Africa – London Summit 2015: Key Points, State of The Market and Future Expectations
    In this webinar, industry expert Dr. Chris Hinde will provide a summary of the event, extracting the main issues raised. In case you missed it, he will also provide a snap shot of his state of the market presentation and evaluate the presentations from Mining Ministers representing Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritania and Zambia. 
    Recorded  July 10, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    Raising and Managing Capital in a Post Dodd-Frank World
    Join banking industry insiders as they discuss the traditional sources of capital available for community banks, new capital raising options coming from changes to the Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement, and how banks can balance regulatory capital requirements with other stakeholders’ expectations.
    Recorded  July 2, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    REIT M&A and the Resurgence of Investor Activism
    Join us as we review the recent uptick in M&A activity, discuss the outlook for continued deal flow, and debate the pros and cons of investor activism in traded REITs.
    Recorded  June 3, 2015  | 75 Minutes
    Investment Targets in Africa - Who are they, what do they have in common, and how is the future market shaping up?
    With the current state of the market, financiers are eager to target resource-rich Africa. In this complimentary webinar, industry expert Dr. Chris Hinde will follow on from the first webinar and identify the companies which have recently secured investments for mining projects in Africa. Chris will highlight what the similarities are between these projects, whether it is their stage of development, mined commodity, project/company size or location.
    Recorded  June 3, 2015  | 60 Minutes
    Affordable Care Act - King v. Burwell Decision and Investment Implications of ACA
    In this webinar, we provide an overview of the potential changes and the impact to the investment side of Health insurers and managed care providers balance sheets.
    Recorded  June 2, 2015  | 90 Minutes
    Bank M&A: Integration Issues and a 2015 Update
    One of the most critical issues in Bank M&A is integration of the combining entities. In this webinar, we will focus on the key post-acquisition integration issues that characterize successful acquisitions. Additionally we will present an update of current M&A trends including the announced level of cost savings and relationship to overall expense levels.
    Recorded  May 26, 2015  | 90 Minutes